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RC4016 16 T P48
RC4018  18 T P48
RC4020  20 T P48
RC4022  22 T P48
RC4024  24 T P48
RC4026  26 T P48
RC4028  28 T P48
RC4030  30 T P48
RC4032  32 T P48
RC4034  34 T P48
RC4036  36 T P48
RC4038 38 T P48
RC4040 40 T P48
RC6018 18 T P64
RC6020 20 T P64
RC6022 22 T P64
RC6024 24 T P64
RC6026 26 T P64
RC6027 27 T P64
RC6028 28 T P64
RC6029 29 T P64
RC6030 30 T P64
RC6031 31 T P64

RC6032 32 T P64
RC6033 33 T P64
RC6034 34 T P64
RC6035 35 T P64
RC6036 36 T P64
RC6037 37 T P64
RC6038 38 T P64
RC6039 39 T P64
RC6040 40 T P64
RC6041  41 T P64
RC6042 42 T P64
RC6043 43 T P64

Weight 0.02 kg

18T P64, 20T P64, 22T P64, 24T P64, 26T P64, 27T P64, 28T P64, 29T P64, 30T P64, 31T P64, 32T P64, 33T P64, 34T P64, 35T P64, 36T P64, 37T P64, 38T P64, 39T P64, 40T P64, 41T P64, 42T P64, 43T P64


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